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4 The Future Training and Development Consultancy was founded in 2007 from a vision born by Nadenza Jones, while employed as a Senior Education Training and Development (ETD) Practitioner, for more than 11 years at one of South Africa’s largest players in the Tele Communications industry known as Telkom SA. The primary focus is on Strategic Human Capital Plan (SHCP), Human Skills Development interventions and ETQA Compliance service with Quality Assurance closing the gap as a one stop training solution, ideal for employee retention and Career building we are Change Agents. By “Change Agent” we mean integrated talent management, career development that forms part of a glide path, recruitment and selection, training and development, and performance management activities. Guiding companies to reap ROI based on a strategic direction when it comes to building of their employees whilst excellence in performance will be achieved trough having a happier employee on board adding value to an employers benefits for economical growth creating a win-win situation.