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This qualification has been developed for persons aspiring to become Career and Events Etiquette Consultants.

From the corporate world to the school classroom, etiquette training programs are in tremendous demand.

As an Etiquette Consultant, you can teach people the etiquette skills they need to succeed in business and in life. They will know the right thing to say or do courtesy of you.

Etiquette Consultants have many career options. You could specialise in coaching adults or children on proper etiquette. For example, with your help, the sloppy eater who used to offend people could be transformed into the charming gentleman who everyone wants to invite to dinner.

While many individuals hire etiquette consultants, you might also be hired by corporate clients. For example, a company might hire you to help a young manager learn proper business etiquette or teach a senior executive to make a good impression meeting with clients from different countries.

Etiquette consultants are also paid up to thousands of dollars a day to present training programs (seminars or workshops) on topics related to etiquette. For example you might teach telephone etiquette to customer service staff.

As an etiquette consultant you might offer coaching or training programs in all areas of etiquette or you could choose to specialize in an area such as:

As a business etiquette consultant you will teach people how to behave in business settings. Business etiquette covers a variety of areas such as meetings, email, introductions, handshakes, business cards, and corporate gift giving. You might offer training in one specific topic such as telephone etiquette or you may design an entire program to build a corporate image. (Also known as corporate etiquette.)

'Which fork goes with the salad and why do I have so many spoons? Which glass is for water and which one is for wine?' These are some of the questions you'll hear about dining etiquette. This type of training is often done "hands-on" in a dining environment, so clients can learn by doing. With your help, the sloppy eater who offended those around him can be transformed into the charming gentleman who everyone wants to invite to dinner.

This etiquette area covers how to interact with people from foreign countries. According to Wordnet, protocol means "forms of ceremony and etiquette observed by diplomats and heads of state." However, protocol is used by all kinds of people doing business overseas or hosting a guest from another country. If you decide to teach international protocol, you may cover status and forms of address, proper attire, making introductions, gift giving, dining customs, and other aspects of doing business or interacting with people from other cultures. (Also known as international etiquette.)

Social etiquette involves etiquette in social situations. As an etiquette consultant specializing in social etiquette you could advise people how to behave at social gatherings, such as dinners and parties. Topics may include being a good host, being a polite guest, making toasts, and invitations. You might also give advice about wedding etiquette including: who pays for what, seating arrangements, asking for gifts, and thank yous.

This area of etiquette covers communication in business and social settings. If you choose to specialize in communication etiquette, you may teach people about conversation skills, telephone etiquette, email etiquette, thank you notes, making introductions, and other aspects of interpersonal communication.

As an etiquette consultant you can share your love of good manners with children. Your subject matter and style of teaching must be geared towards the age of the children you are working with, which may range from pre-schoolers to high school seniors. Topics might include addressing adults, introducing friends, table manners, thank you notes and talking on the telephone. (Also known as etiquette for young people.)

Based on SAQA’s Unit ID: 114871, NQF Level 5, 114 Credits




Designed for completion within 12 - 18 Weeks.  Self-study distance learning course.  Assignments and Examination for completion.





  • How to develop the skills you will need as an etiquette consultant
        • Information about educational programs in etiquette consulting
        • Ways to teach yourself about etiquette (plus how to quickly find answers to anyone's questions about etiquette)
        • Getting experience in etiquette consulting through volunteer work
  • Experience you already have that's relevant to etiquette consulting (such as customer service and public relations)
  • Jobs that can prepare you for a career in etiquette consulting, including opportunities with:
        • Government agencies and departments
        • Corporations
        • Hospitality industry
        • Other employers
  • How to find an etiquette consultant mentor
  • How to be certified as a professional etiquette consultant
  • Types of etiquette consulting services
  • Consulting with individuals
  • How to do a needs assessment
  • How to set etiquette training goals and develop an action plan
  • How to coach clients
  • Working with children, including recommended training activities for:
        • ages 4 to 7
        • ages 8 to 12
        • ages 13 and older
  • Etiquette consulting for corporations
        • Conducting a needs assessment
        • Planning where and when to hold a corporate training program
        • Writing an etiquette presentation
        • Etiquette training exercises for groups
  • How to handle difficult situations (including what to say if a participant disagrees with you about proper etiquette)
  • Where to get etiquette training materials (exercises, handouts, videos)
  • An overview of etiquette training topics including:
        • Business etiquette
        • Children's etiquette
        • Dining etiquette
        • International protocol
        • Wedding etiquette
  • How to start a part-time or full-time etiquette consulting business for as little money as possible
  • Links to the information you need about the "business" side of things (business plans, legal structure, etc.)
  • Tips for choosing a business name
  • How to set up your etiquette consulting office in your own home (also includes helpful checklists for office space, equipment and supplies)
  • Working with contractors
  • Pricing your services
  • Identifying potential clients for your etiquette consulting business
  • How to market your etiquette consulting services through:
        • Networking (including how to get referrals)
        • Free publicity
        • Speaking engagements
        • Presenting your own seminars and workshops (includes tips on how to save money on room rentals and get registrations)
  • How to prepare a proposal and what to include in a portfolio
  • Helpful samples (including sample contracts, sample invoice and more)
  • How to create a full-time job as an etiquette consultant
  • How to quickly get professional credentials
  • How to get hired to teach continuing education classes on etiquette topics
  • How to become a newspaper columnist
  • Free and inexpensive resources to learn about protocol in different countries
  • Samples of what you need to launch your etiquette consulting career and start an etiquette consulting business, including:
  • Sample client questionnaires for:
        • Individuals
        • Parent and child
        • Corporate clients
        • Samples for carrying out etiquette consulting
        • Sample action plan
        • Sample training plan
        • Sample workshop outline
        • Sample training exercise
        • Sample evaluation form
        • Sample etiquette consulting fees
        • Sample telephone script
  • Sample client contracts
  • Sample invoice
  • Sample letter to request mentoring




We have the following payment options available for our student to choose from. Choose a payment option that best suits your style: NB: ALL OPTIONS INCLUDE EXAMINATION AND CERTIFICATION.

OPTION A: R1 890, 00

Includes Comprehensive training material, Certificate, Examination and Shipping of material as well as a CD containing business templates, supplementary readers and Audio E-Books.


OPTION B: R1 490, 00

WE ARE NOW GOING GREEN: This course is now available on CD which means that you will receive all your course content on CD and not as printed material.  Help us save the planet by choosing this option.   

OPTION C: R1 290, 00

Easy and convenient: Course content will be sent to you via email.


Kindly note:  There are no payment terms. Training material is released within 3 - 14 working days after payment has

been received as the cost is inclusive of all your training material, supplementary readers, assignments as well as the

courier charges so we need to ensure that all costs are covered prior to the release of training material.





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