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This qualification has been developed for persons aspiring to become a Corporate Image Consultant.

"Image" is the way other people see us. It influences whether people will agree to our requests, hire us, and pay us the salary we want. Image consulting is a booming industry thanks in part to the popularity of television shows such as What Not to Wear, Extreme Makeover, and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

As an image consultant, you can give people advice that will help them achieve what they want – whether it is to get a new job, to make a good impression, or simply to feel good about themselves. To help people look better, you might choose to offer services such as:

  • Image Analysis or Makeover Consulting (giving someone feedback on the overall image they are projecting and helping them develop a new image)
  • Fashion Styling or Wardrobe Consulting (reviewing someone's current wardrobe to determine what should be discarded or purchased, coordinating outfits, and closet organizing)
  • Makeup Analysis (you can also consult on other specific aspects of physical appearance such as: Colors, Skin Care, Hairstyle, etc.)

However, image is more than physical appearance. In addition to how someone looks, people also form impressions based on how that person talks and behaves. Therefore, as an image consultant, you might also consult with clients about:

  • Vocal Communications (such as voice, grammar, and vocabulary)
  • Non-verbal communications (such as handshakes, posture, and eye contact)
  • Etiquette (business etiquette, social graces, dining)

In addition to consulting with clients yourself, you can develop a network of strategic partners to refer clients to, such as hair stylists, makeup artists, dieticians, dentists, personal trainers, plastic surgeons, and voice coaches.

A variety of different terms are used to describe image, image consultants, or image consulting. For example, you may hear image referred to as perception or appearance management, personal branding, or personal presentation. Or you may hear image consulting activities referred to as fashion consulting, image management, visual branding. Instead of calling yourself an image consultant, you could call yourself a fashion stylist, makeover consultant, wardrobe consultant, etc.

As an image consultant you may decide to assist anyone who wants image consulting services, or choose to specialize in working with particular types of clients, such as:

  • Women who want a new look
  • Job-seekers
  • Corporate executives
  • Beauty pageant contestants
  • Lawyers and their clients
  • Cancer survivors
  • Television personalities
  • Spouses of recently promoted executives
  • Transgender individuals
  • Politicians
  • Singles seeking a partner

While many individuals hire image consultants, you may also be hired by corporate clients. For example, a company might hire you to help a new supervisor communicate effectively with employees, or to coach a senior executive to make a good impression during television interviews.

Based on SAQA’s Unit ID: 244183, NQF Level 3, 67 Credits




Designed for completion within 12 Weeks.  Self-study distance learning course.  Assignments and Examination for completion.





    • How to do Image Consulting or Makeover Consulting, including:
          • What to bring to a consultation with a new client
          • Recognizing someone's personal style
          • A sample checklist to evaluate a client's appearance and behaviors
          • Identifying your client's season
          • Determining the right makeup for a client
          • How to advise clients on hair style and color
          • Giving advice on grooming
          • Many helpful samples (e.g. questionnaire for new clients, action plan, budget worksheet)
    • How to do Wardrobe Consulting, including:
          • Wardrobe basics for women and men
          • Step-by-step guide to closet organizing
          • Deciding what to keep, fix, and get rid of
          • How to put together outfits
          • Concealing body flaws
          • Psychology of clothing colors
          • Tips on accessorizing
          • Wardrobe shopping tips
  • Although this guide focuses on improving how clients look with makeover and wardrobe consultations, it also gives an introduction to other types of image consulting.


  • Advising clients about their vocal and verbal communications, including voice, vocabulary, and pronunciation
  • Consulting about non-verbal communications such as body language, posture, and eye contact
  • Helping clients improve conversation skills (includes icebreakers and topics of conversation)
  • Giving clients feedback about their habits
  • Tips on business communications and etiquette:
  • Telephone etiquette
  • Written communications
  • Business meetings
  • Dining etiquette dos and don'ts
  • Understanding a company's brands and corporate culture
  • How to do a "needs analysis"
  • Developing a corporate dress code
  • How to present training programs
  • Tips for coaching company representatives for media interviews
  • How to start a part-time or full-time image consulting business with little or no money
  • Links to the information you need about the "business" side of things (business plans, legal structure, etc.)
  • Tips for choosing a business name
  • How to set up your office
  • Pricing your services
  • Identifying potential clients
  • Links to companies that supply products you can use for image consultations
  • How to market your image consulting services
  • Getting referrals from other businesses
  • How to select strategic partners (e.g. hair stylists, makeup artists, dermatologists, dentists, cosmetic surgeons, personal trainers, voice coaches, etc.)
  • Helpful samples (including sample contracts, sample invoice and more)
  • How to develop the skills you will need as an image consultant and get image consulting experience
  • How to be certified as a professional image consultant
  • Job opportunities in the image industry with:
        • Fashion retailers
        • Beauty salons and spas
        • Beauty products companies
        • Advertising agencies and public relations firms
        • Medical offices (e.g. plastic surgeons)
        • Other employers
  • Samples of what you need to launch your image consulting career, including:
        • Sample questionnaire for new clients
        • Sample wardrobe questionnaire
        • Sample personal style questionnaire
        • Sample client grooming questionnaire
        • Sample budget worksheet
        • Sample action plan for image consulting
        • Sample vocal exercises
        • Sample workshop exercises
        • Sample letters to prospective clients
        • Sample resume and cover letter
        • Sample 30 second introduction
        • Sample agreement with strategic partners
        • Sample client contracts
        • Sample invoice





We have the following payment options available for our student to choose from. Choose a payment option that best suits your style:

OPTION A: R1 890, 00

Includes Comprehensive training material, Certificate, Examination and Shipping of material as well as a CD containing business templates, supplementary readers and Audio E-Books.


OPTION B: R1 490, 00

WE ARE NOW GOING GREEN: This course is now available on CD which means that you will receive all your course content on CD and not as printed material.  Help us save the planet by choosing this option.  Includes Comprehensive training material, Certificate, Examination, business templates, supplementary readers.

OPTION C: R1 290, 00

Easy and convenient: Course content will be sent to you via email. Includes Comprehensive training material, Certificate, Examination, business templates, supplementary readers..


Kindly note:  There are no payment terms. Training material is released within 3 - 14 working days after payment has

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