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Certificate: Paralegal Practice, NQF Level 5, SAQA ID 49597, 131 credits

The purpose of this qualification is to provide the qualifying learner with knowledge and understanding in general areas of the law, its application and social context so as to enable the learner to provide primary and other legal services to the public and support to legal professional.

Our practical 12 to 18-week short course equips you with a broad knowledge of South African legislation and gives you a foundation on which to build the knowledge and expertise required for specific paralegal work. This course has been designed for both existing and aspiring paralegal practitioners including legal support staff, legal assistants, personal assistants, legal secretaries and paralegals working in a legal or commercial environment.

Probe into the interesting world of the Paralegal what civil litigation means and understand how legal practice operates. As you study, you will learn more about the various types of laws in South Africa and how they affect us.

Based on SAQA ID 49597 NQF Level 5 (131 credits) 


This program is for anyone considering a paralegal career, career changers, current paralegals and others who work in law firms or government offices, as well as those considering law school. Many of the skills developed in non-legal fields (such as nursing, accounting, business management, law enforcement, medical and teaching) are transferable to the paralegal profession.



Designed for completion within 12 - 18 Weeks.  Self-study distance learning course.  Assignments and Examination for completion.





  1.  The Paralegal Profession
  2. Inner workings of a law firm
  3. Ethics and professional responsibility
  4. Legal procedures and paralegal skills
  5. Communication and writing
  6. Recordkeeping
  7. The South African Constitution And Bill Of Rights
  8. Courts and Police
  9. Court procedures
  10. Family law and violence against women
  11. HIV and AIDS and the Law
  12. Land and housing
  13. Environmental Law
  14. Consumer Law
  15. Small Business Law
  16. Motor vehicle accidents
  17. Courts and Court Cases
  18. Legal dictionary
  19. Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management
  20. Community mobilization
  21. Children and the Law
  22. Resources



  • Apply advanced paralegal knowledge and understanding of law to a specific problem within the South African legal context.
  • Communicate with internal and external clients in a paralegal or legal workplace
  • Range: Communication refers to written and oral communication
  • Advise, counsel and represent clients in a variety of formal and alternative settings
  • Produce legal documents in a paralegal context and prepare and draft legal documents in a legal context
  • Solve problems in a paralegal context by working in a team and individually
  • Manage administration and provide organisational support in an office environment
  • Exercise ethical conduct, values and professionalism when dealing with internal and external clients
  • Apply legal fundamental legal concepts, principles, theories and values within a paralegal sector
  • Guide and refer clients in terms of legal enquiries
  • Apply the principles of ethics and professionalism to a business environment
  • Monitor, reflect and improve on your own performance
  • Improve service to customers
  • Apply workplace communication skills
  • Negotiate an agreement or deal in an authentic work situation
  • Demonstrate an understanding of procedure in courts
  • Create, maintain and update record keeping systems
  • Plan, organise and control day-to-day administration of an office support function
  • Gather and manage information for decision-making
  • Plan and conduct a research project


Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive a Certificate in Paralegal Studies -

• Certificate: Paralegal Practice, NQF Level 5, SAQA ID 49597, 131 credits



We have the following payment options available for our student to choose from. Choose a payment option that best suits your style:

OPTION A: R4 890, 00.

Includes Comprehensive training material, Certificate, Examination and Shipping of material as well as a CD containing business templates, supplementary readers and Audio E-Books.


OPTION B: R2 890, 00

WE ARE NOW GOING GREEN: This course is now available on CD which means that you will receive all your course content on CD and not as printed material.  Help us save the planet by choosing this option.   

OPTION C: R2 290, 00

Easy and convenient: Course content will be sent to you via email.

Kindly note:  There are no payment terms. Training material is released within 3 - 14 working days after payment has been received as the cost is inclusive of all your training material, supplementary readers, assignments as well as the courier charges so we need to ensure that all costs are covered prior to the release of training material.



Delivery of training material is between 3 – 14 days depending on stock availability.



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