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This course has been developed for persons aspiring to become a Public Relations Manager.

Public relations consultants provide communication services for all types of companies in entertainment, finance, fashion, health care, high tech, publishing, sports, retail, tourism and many other fields. As a public relations consultant (also known as a publicist or media relations consultant), your client or employer may give you an exciting challenge such as:

  • We have an event coming up. How can we get people to attend?
  • How can we make our new movie a blockbuster hit?
  • How can we get our book onto the bestseller list?
  • How can we get more publicity?
  • How can we persuade people to buy our new product?
  • How can we get more people to donate money to our charity?
  • How can we convince people to vote for our candidate?
  • We have an emergency situation. How can we quickly communicate what people should do?
  • How can we get people to invest in our company?
  • How do we improve our industry's public image?

Faced with one of these challenges, you will come up with solutions to inform, influence or persuade people. Those solutions may involve communication techniques such as getting publicity in the media (television, radio, newspapers, Internet, etc.) and organizing public events.

There are few careers that offer so many benefits. Public relations consultants say there is a huge sense of satisfaction in planning a public relations project and seeing the results. Part of the thrill in public relations is being an insider behind the scenes and getting the real story.

Based on SAQA’s Unit ID: 335834, NQF Level 5, 245 Credits




Designed for completion within 12 - 18 Weeks.  Self-study distance learning course.  Assignments and Examination for completion.



  • How to create a public relations plan
  • How to prepare public relations materials
  • How to write and format a press release (also known as a news release or media release)
  • What to include in a media kit
  • How to work with the media
  • How to develop a media list
  • The best ways to contact the media
  • News release distribution services plus contact information for wire services
  • How to find where your news releases were published
  • How to get feature articles in magazines
  • How to organize a news conference including where and when to hold them
  • Checklist for organizing special events (such as a grand opening, dinner, product launch, or open house)
  • An introduction to crisis communications
  • Online public relations
  • Where to get website content
  • What to include in an online press kit
  • What you need to know about blogs
  • The skills employers are looking for and how you can develop them
  • Discover what employers of public relations consultants are looking for
  • Discover the types of organizations that hire public relations consultants
  • How other public relations consultants got their start, so you can get ideas for launching your own career
  • How to get a job with a public relations agency
  • Where public relations job openings are advertised
  • Creative ways to find a public relations job
  • Common mistakes to avoid that could cost you the job
  • How to prepare a resume (includes a sample)
  • How to dress and what to do in an interview
  • Discover what employers of public relations consultants are looking for
  • How to start a part-time or full-time public relations consulting business with little or no money
  • What to include in a public relations business plan
  • How to set up your office
  • Pricing your services (including sample hourly, daily, and project rates for a variety of public relations services)
  • Identifying potential clients
  • How to effectively market your public relations services
  • What to do during your first meeting with a potential client (including what to bring and what to wear)
  • How to prepare a proposal
  • Ways to increase your income plus how to get a deposit paid in advance
  • Helpful samples (including sample contract, sample invoice and more)
  • How to create an impressive portfolio
  • Information about educational programs in public relations
  • Ways to get public relations experience (including volunteer opportunities and internships)
  • How to be recognized as a professional public relations consultant
  • Valuable resources (including the top public relations associations and publications)
  • Samples of what you need to launch your public relations consulting career, including:
  • Sample public relations plan
  • Sample media plan
  • Sample press release
  • Sample magazine query letter
  • Sample event planning checklist
  • Sample crisis communication plan outline
  • Sample marketing letter
  • Sample resume
  • Sample rates (hourly, daily, and per project) for public relations services
  • Sample voice mail message
  • Sample letter to a client
  • Sample from a proposal
  • Sample contract (service agreement)
  • Sample invoice




We have the following payment options available for our student to choose from. Choose a payment option that best suits your style: NB: ALL OPTIONS INCLUDE EXAMINATION AND CERTIFICATION.

OPTION A: R1 890, 00

Includes Comprehensive training material, Certificate, Examination and Shipping of material as well as a CD containing business templates, supplementary readers and Audio E-Books.


OPTION B: R1 690, 00

WE ARE NOW GOING GREEN: This course is now available on CD which means that you will receive all your course content on CD and not as printed material.  Help us save the planet by choosing this option.   

OPTION C: R1 290, 00

Easy and convenient: Course content will be sent to you via email.


Kindly note:  There are no payment terms. Training material is released within 3 - 14 working days after payment has

been received as the cost is inclusive of all your training material, supplementary readers, assignments as well as the

courier charges so we need to ensure that all costs are covered prior to the release of training material.





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