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Company Profile

THT Hospitality Training (Pty) Ltd is a registered company (2015/065221/07).  Our organisation is focused on training and developing individuals as well as staff working for organisations.

Although our main focus is on the tourism and hospitality industry, we have extended our scope by offering ETDPSeta Accredited courses to individuals/companies wishing to gain accreditation in as Facilitators, Assessors and Moderators in their line of work.  Our courses are offered via assisted correspondence or lectures.


To become the leading training provider in South Africa, recognized for our commitment, passion, exceptional service and dedication to every student or client we work with.


  • To develop dedicated professionals in their selected fields as well as in the hospitality and tourism industry, by using effectively trained ETD practitioners who focus on the importance of quality.
  • To enable people through education.
  • To continue enhancing and growing our reputation as one of the most respected training providers and to always conduct our business with the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.


  • Commitment to Quality: Our main goal is to produce trained staff / professionals who deliver services that exceed expectations and never compromise on quality. This is achieved by effectively trained facilitators and assessors
  • Honesty: To be genuine and open in our communication and business practice
  • Respect: To value our clients and colleges
  • Passionate: To take care in what we do
  • Belief: We stand for what we believe in and this is to enable people through education.  We believe our focus on quality and service is unique setting us apart from other training providers
  • Focused: We are goal-orientated and results driven to ensure our clients benefit from our services

Company Details:

THT Hospitality Training (Pty) Ltd

559 Marine Drive, Bluff, Durban – 4052



Telephone Number:     0825989083


Accreditation Number:           ETDP10825

Registration Number:              2501

Unit Standard 117871 – Facilitate Learning Using a Variety of Methodologies NQF Level 5 Credits 10

Unit Standard 115753 – Conduct Outcomes-Based Assessments NQF Level 5 Credits 15

Unit Standard 115759 – Conduct Moderation of Outcomes-Based Assessments NQF Level 6 Credits 10

Hospitality Sector

THT Hospitality Training (Pty) Ltd is focused on working with staff in the hospitality and retail industry to deliver exceptional service to guests and customers.  Understanding that success in the hospitality and retail industry is largely based upon how your staff interact with the public, we aim to provide all trainees with the tools to excel in their roles and enhance the experience of guests and customers.  We are dedicated to improving service, quality and critical skills which are noticeably lacking in the industry.

THT works closely with its clients and students offering:

  • In house training tailored programmes to suit their particular needs
  • Accredited training materials for all ETDP Seta courses offered
  • Identifying skills needs in the workplace by doing field observation visits and staff suitability assessment.
  • Proven methods of training to ensure that the sessions are not only theoretical concepts and principles but contextualised for practice.  Sessions are participative, making use of role play and other psychologically motivational methods, exercises, group work and question and answer sessions.
  • We develop new staff providing them with opportunities to acquire skills specific to their role
  • Follow up field visits monitoring performance

THT focuses on:

  • Quality control
  • Customer service and care
  • Team work
  • Communication skills and body language
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Task management
  • Enhancing a guests and customers experience to be as pleasurable as possible
  • Dealing with difficult situations

THT provides each trainee with a professional training manual along with guidelines to assist them in their role.  Each trainee will receive a certificate at the end of training.  Two follow up field visits will be performed to observe and mentor the trainees as required with further guidelines given to both clients and trainees.

THT prides itself in its years of experience and success.  With over 16 years in the hospitality and retail industry, we have had the opportunity to carry out training extensively both internationally and locally, namely:  India, Nepal, Yangon, Thailand, Borneo, Mexico, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Peru, Brazil, Florida, Mauritius, Zambia, Malawi, Kenya, Sri Lanka and South Africa, to name a few.